About Us

Bangalore was always hailed to be a pensioner’s paradise,but lately that coveted position has been overrun by technology and a busy lifestyle.with this in mind the J.P Nagar association which started in 1983-84 decided to allow both worlds to co-exits and created a space which would allow for some family time,relaxation and business come explore the J.P Nagar Cultural association,we are positive you would find somethings you will enjoy.
Members of The Club At JPNCA Bangalore have access to a variety of benefits, such as:
  • Luxurious service at a beautiful swimming pool.
  • Club parking privileges.
  • Take participating in community events including parties or events.


By consistently training our employees, management, and committees of JPNCA Club hospitality and social programming, we maintain the highest standard of personalized service, dining, and social events.


Our goal is to provide members with a “One-of-a-Kind” experience that goes above and beyond their requirements by providing the best possible eating, social, and customer experiences in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Executive Committee

Prof. Muthe Gowda

Hon. President

Nandish A.G

Hon. Vice President

Sridhar M

Hon. Secretary

Devaraj C D

Hon. Treasurer

Ninge Gowda B N

Immediate Past President

Suresh L

Chairman – Sports / Sub-Committee

Nagesh C

Chairman – Canteen / Sub-Committee

Krishnamurthy B

Chairman – Building Maintenance Guest Room, Party hall and Sports Sub – Committe

Ramachandra C N

Chairman, Bar / Sub-Committee

Dr. Chandrashekara B

Chairman, Building / Sub-Committee

Aravind Hedge

Chairman, Cultural / Sub-committee

Nagendra H S

Chairman, House Keeping / Sub-committee